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Changelog in every post?

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Changelog in every post?

Post by brokenglish on Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:20 am


This is just a petty suggestion of mine, but if possible, it would be nice if you could add a Changelog section in every post that tells us what updates have you done on which day and on which episode?

This is because everytime I download something from your site, I have to open my HDD and check the folder of the anime to see what I have missed since my last visit.

Even though I have already bookmarked that particular anime, for example: Free! 4, which means that I last downloaded episode 4 of Free!, this won't help much if there are new version of previous episodes or even versions from different source/encoder.

More over if there are OP and ED at first, then suddenly OPv2 or OP2 or EDv2 or ED2 and so on appears.

My mind was literally blown in SNK post Sad

So it would be something like:


- Added 3 and 1v2
- Added 2
- Added 1

It would also be great if the latest changelog can be shown as an extra information in the table of the Updates section.

And if there are a few encoders/sources for the same anime, it would be great if they are not in the same post or even better if there's only one encoder for an anime.

It could be:
| Title         |   Latest      | Date         |
| Free         | Completed  | 1 Oct 2013 |
| SNK Tac    | Episode 4   | 1 Oct 2013 |
| SNK zeust | Episode 3   | 1 Oct 2013 |

This is just a suggestion though, and it seems to be my problem since I am very particular about UI, you see Sad

Thanks for reading Smile

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Re: Changelog in every post?

Post by Orange on Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:28 am

It's a good suggestion. It is extremely helpful to the newcomers of the site, but for me i don't mind though cause I always used to check on comments first before doing anything.

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