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Guide for easy multiple download that use mega.co.nz

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Guide for easy multiple download that use mega.co.nz

Post by exidium on Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:55 am

For those that having trouble Multiple Download using MegaDownloader for MEGA.CO.NZ. lol! 

It seem that if you trying to download mega that have folder like this :

you will get error like this :

The easier solution is using JDownloader2( can google it ).
1) install Jdownloader/JDownloader2
2) after choose you download link (ADFLY,BC.VC,LINKBUCKS) and click this    copy this link (example)
3) your Jdownload/Jdownloader2 will capture the link :

4) Right click and start download :

5) see at Download tap to see download progress :

Hope this will help people download easier ~
Love hi10anime for such small size but awesome encoding  cyclops cyclops

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Re: Guide for easy multiple download that use mega.co.nz

Post by RanDom on Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:44 am

JDownloader is a nice download manager but it's a bit heavy (because it's made in java), for anyone who doesn't have a strong CPU, I'd recommend MiPony, which is very similar to JDownloader and it also supports free anti-captcha plugins to download from sites other than mega, you can find more details here:

Thanks for the guide! Very Happy moved to the other cateogry.

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