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aborwx's Guides

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aborwx's Guides

Post by aborwx on Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:07 am

Here are some guides on how to:

• Make a 10-bit | 8-bit encode using VAFE | MiniX264
• Create ordered chapters using VAFE | .bat files
• Create HTML posts using Postar
• Make torrents | update web seeds using μTorrent
• Get hashes using RapidCRC
• Upload files using FileZilla

and much more which will be updated every now and then.


• Updated instructions on how to make a torrent

• Added 8bit presets to VAFE
• Updated encoding guides with an extra step added to the VAFE one to make it faster
• Updated OC guide to make more sense by using better names for the chapters
• Changed filenames around/included some more files to speed things up a bit

• Added in VAFE and a guide on how to use it, which is a lot easier to use and doesn't give the audio error in MiniX264 which I've added instructions on how to combat,  although I may end up removing MiniX264 at a later time

• Cleaned up some guides

• Added '.exe' to program names in the OC bats to make it more explicit

• Added hint in how to make a hi10 encode guide when doing movies
• Removed confusing paragraph in how to OC guide

• Added notes on encoding a movie in the how to oc guide

• Fixed some typos in guides
• Updated the how to oc guide as there was a mistake in one of the steps
• Added a couple more preset split video commands for creating ocing stuff: '(00)_Movies_Without_Markers.xml' so that you can split a movie without chapter at 10 minute increments so that your computer doesn't have to stay on for days along with a merge bat for it that you need to adjust based on how many chapters your movie ends up having

• Corrected some typos in my how to .txt files

• Removed useless fonts folder in the OrderedChapterCreator folder
• Added a crf 21 preset for miniX264

• Shortened how to make ordered chapters by a lot by adding some more commands to the convert to lossless .bat file


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