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[HANDHELD]Gameboy Advance & Nintendo DS

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[HANDHELD]Gameboy Advance & Nintendo DS

Post by GingaDriver on Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:28 pm

Basically this is a place where you can share, post anything about GBA & NDS(Not a retro games, but not a new one either), i know the handheld itself is probably dead(no new game anymore for GBA and *soon* for NDS!)
Both Handheld owner and Emulator users can post. Post anything you like or know about GBA & NDS.(NOTE: For those who're looking for games with awesome graphic, this is not the place)
And here are some game that i used to play and liked!

The List:

  • Advance Wars(Similiar to Fire Emblem ,but the it use a Modern Unit)
  • Bruce Lee - Return of Legend
  • Castlevania Series
  • Drill Dozer(Surprisingly fun, feels like riding a Gurren Lagann Laughing)
  • Final Fantasy Series(for a obvious reason)
  • Fire Emblem Series
  • Golden Sun Series(Nice graphic for GBA standard)
  • Harvest Moon Series(Can't be Missed)
  • Kirby Series
  • Megaman Battle Network Series
  • Megaman Zero Series
  • Metroid Series
  • Ninja Five-O
  • Pokemon Series(The Mascot Game)
  • Riviera: The Promised Land(RPG and VN like gameplay, some secret echhi picture can be unlocked lol!)
  • Splinter Cell Series
  • Super Mario Advance Series(Another Mascot Game)
  • Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
  • Tales of Phantasia(Really Good!)

These are My Favourite GBA games, i used to play them a lot both in the Handheld and Emulator, with a large selection of games, i might missed some others good one. Smile


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