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File Titles / Segment Titles

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File Titles / Segment Titles Empty File Titles / Segment Titles

Post by mbex013 on Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:35 pm

Hello Team Hi10

I hope this suggestion can be helpful

I know that its better to release episodes in OC, but I hope when you change the File Titles or Segment Titles you can also monitor what names you are using. I noticed this before and some encoders fixes those (eg: TheBlackTac).

I know that the player the you're suggesting is MPC-HC because its much better than VLC. but MPC-HC is only available with Windows and PCs only. so when I watch episodes using Smartphone or Tablet PCs I use VLC and the name that it displays is the File Titles or Segment Titles so its hard to watch series with a lot of episodes chronologically because some or almost all the episodes got the same File Titles or Segment Titles.
**MX Player doesn't support OC**

I hope this will be fixed in the future releases.

This is a example using Aoharu x Kinkanjuu. the mobile version of VLC also got the naming convention like the PC version.

File Titles / Segment Titles Compar10

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