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Some new ways I thought would make life easier

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Some new ways I thought would make life easier Empty Some new ways I thought would make life easier

Post by kowaenze on Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:23 pm

Recently, i thought of something that might benefit everyone in the community.
Well, it's not really a big deal. And I know that someone might have thought of this before me.
But I'll post it anyway.
If you don't mind, can you please consider some of my suggestion?
I wouldn't mind though if this wouldn't be created.

Regarding the multiple episodes from different sources, I thought that choosing the highest quality possible from a fansub release would be better (ofcourse). But Good quality doesn't always mean good translation. So I though that the encoders would choose the best quality and just add all of the fansub subtitles as a subtitle track.

Let's say we have commie and horriblesubs. Commie got a good subs and a good quality. Horriblesubs got a better quality but has a horrible subs (just a pun), We can get horrible sub's video but we will add commie's subtitles into the subtitle track.
1 video, two subtitle track from different fansubs.

It would save hundreds of HDDs and External Drives for those who wanted both subs.

Another one is a mirror ddL.
I am aware that some encoders upload anime in different ddL.
I've seen Mega, tusfiles, etc.

We can also use embedupload or mirror creator for multiple uploads.
But I guess Mega is the best.

You can Import files on Mega. So Only one person need to upload the original file. You can create two backup accounts that will import the original file into their accounts. And this two backup accounts will be the public link sharers. If the account has been banned, we can always create another one and import the file again. We can say that these may be called 'unlimited sharing'. Mega's download speed is also reliable.

But I guess there's no better way in sharing other than firedrive. Not only you can import files (like Mega). But also, you can import a whole FOLDER. Mega doesn't allow that. Firedrive does. So we can create multiple account that will hold the files and we will be able to continouosly duplicate these files so that the links will always be up. Firedrive's servers are also fast.

And I guess I must say, I love the new web theme  Laughing 
It looks more cleaner now Smile)

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